Postgres and goLang

Github repositories which are using Postgres(or other db) and goLang

Postgres and GoLang

dat (Data Access Toolkit) is a fast, lightweight Postgres library for Go.

Focused on Postgres. See Insect, Upsert, SelectDoc, QueryJSON

Built on a solid foundation sqlx

// child DB is *sqlx.DB
DB.DB.Queryx(`SELECT * FROM users`)
SQL and backtick friendly

DB.SQL(`SELECT * FROM people LIMIT 10`).QueryStructs(&people)


Tern is a standalone migration tool for PostgreSQL. It includes traditional migrations as well as a separate optional workflow for managing database code such as functions and views.


In this tutorial I’m going to illustrate how to serve a JSON API using Go. I’ll create a basic backend for a Vue.js application that will serve data already present in a PostgreSQL database.

Squirrel – fluent SQL generator for Go
Squirrel helps you build SQL queries from composable parts:

A simple package written in Golang 1.7.3 for building cloud storage server or client,

A command line interface for spontaneously capturing the things you learn while coding.

Django style fixtures for Golang’s excellent built-in database/sql library.

sample pgx stdlib

Electra API public web-services.

Adjust entries in config/db.json and you are ready to go.

Self-hosted Localization Management Platform built with Go and Angular 2.

Go File sharing HTTP server with auth and user rights management

Geekmarks: API-Driven, Geeky Bookmarking Service

Orange Forum is an easy to deploy forum that has minimal dependencies and uses very little javascript. It is written is golang and a compiled binary is available for linux. Try the latest version hosted here. Please contact if you have any questions or want support.

RegStat – persisting Docker registry notifications.

A Resource Booking and Managing System written in Golang and React

Galera Check Cluster Status

Written in go gopher’s spider can also be easily run in any go environment by running

The hcexplorer repository is a collection of golang packages and apps for Hcd data collection, storage, and presentation.

Dbmate is a database migration tool to keep your database schema in sync across multiple developers and your production servers.

A simple forum application written in go.

A simple Golang web application making use of go templating engine to process http responses.

Evolution of a chat server from simple to distributed

A public, open learning environment built on top of Wikipedia.

File system written in Go Lang

Important Blog-Post

pgxmigratesquirrel and dockertest, four libraries that together make working with Postgres from Go a real pleasure.

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