Sumit Arora In Full-Stack Product Engineering 

Sumit Arora is a product owner, problem-solver, learner, researcher, consultant, solution designer, architect, developer, bug-fixer, feature-developer, concept-implemener, task writer, technical documentation writer, user experience designer, visual designer and also an end to end solution provider with the implementation in the area of Full-stack Product Engineering. 

It also includes :

  • Most of the needed technology set, best practices, and years of deep experience.
  • Handpicked technologies in ux/ui, frontend, permissioned blockchain, web, networks, cloud, apps, db, and devops.
  • Dedicated team of developers who work with Sumit.
  • With agile/scrum/… practices
  • For efficiency, transparency, traceability in the supply chain 

React, Microservices in GoLang, Hyperledger Fabric  (Oracle and IBM Blockchain Platform), Oracle DB, Postgres, MongoDB, Dockers, Kubernetes, AWS, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean 

  • For efficiency in the communication of clients and professional business service provider  

React, Microservices in GoLang,  Postgres,  Dockers, Kubernetes, AWS, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean 

  • Mobile Threat Defence solution for on-device protection for both known and unknown iOS/Android threats 

AngularJs, Microservices in Java, Monitoring Dashboard in Python Django, Postgres, Oracle, AWS

  • Cloud-based property management 

AngularJs, Microservices in Java, MongoDB

He worked with large enterprises that includes :

  • Samsung(Seoul, South Korea)
  • Microsoft(Redmond, USA)
  • Freescale acquired by NXP Semiconductors (Shanghai, China)
  • Aricent now Altran (India, China, Europe)

He worked with startups, that also includes from concept to implementation e.g.

  • Zimperium (San Francisco, USA)
  • Agilysys (Bellevue, Seattle, USA)
  • AppScaleout (Gurgaon, India)
  • Locate Ventures (Banglore, India)
  • Supply Chain Startup with Blockchain Technology (Brisbane, Australia)

He implemented Concepts from scratch that means, a simple few minutes communication and year long production ready implementation :

  • DeviceMonitor  DeviceMonitor(A Full Stack Application) audits running applications in a device (e.g. ubuntu desktop, Android device, mac machine) with the help of DeviceManager who manage devices: https://github.com/esumit/DeviceMonitoring
  • A Vulnerability Scanner based on the Open Vulnerability Assessment System, known more commonly as OpenVAS, is a suite of tools that work together to run tests against client computers using a database of known exploits and weaknesses.
    • Its scalable for 100,000+ scans : It does the vulnerability analysis of a given private network by setting up a reverse secure tunnel from cloud to private network where scanner application is a part of. Actual scanner runs on cloud, all operations to operate this scanner done from android mobile application. That scanner connect to private network via secure tunnel from the cloud , scan the network for vulnerabilities and prepare a scan report.

Some of the handpicked technologies that used in Full-Stack Engineering : 


  • UX/UI – Zeplin, Adobe XD
  • Version Control  – git
  • Code Management – BitBucket, Github
  • Frontend  -Node, Javascript, React, Redux, Material UI, AngularJs,HTML,CSS, 
  • Backend  – GoLang, Java, Python 
  • Databases  – Oracle, MySQL,Postgres, MongoDB, DynamoDB
  • Blockchain  – Hyperledger Fabric, Oracle/IBM Blockchain Platform
  • DevOps  -Dockers, Kubernetes, Google Containers Registry , Bit Bucket CI/CD, Team City
  • Docker Management – DockerHub
  • Clouds  – DigitalOcean, AWS(Amazon Web Services), Google Cloud
  • Agile Project Management Tools – Atlassian Tools

Github. https://github.com/esumit

Stack Overflow http://stackoverflow.com/users/671170/sumit-arora

Quora http://www.quora.com/Sumit-Arora-3


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