Solution Architect and Full Stack/BackEnd/Java Software Engineer

Sumit is a Full Stack/Backend/Java/GoLang Software Engineer and end to end software architect with the hand-picked technologies from *Permissioned Blockchain,Web, Networks, Cloud, DB, Apps Platforms*.

He developed end to end full stack solutions with Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain,GoLang and Various Packages around it, Dockers,Kubernetes, Rest APIS, Java Script, AngularJs , Java, AWS(Amazon Web Services), Digital Ocean, GIT, Relational Database (e.g. Oracle, MySQL,Postgres), Non-Relational Database(e.g. MongoDB, DynamoDB).

He worked Internationally in Samsung(South Korea), Microsoft(USA), Zimperium (USA), Freescale acquired by NXP Semiconductors (China) and Aricent (India, China, Europe).

His experience includes working on large scale projects which impacted from ten thousand to millions of users, managed internationally dispersed teams and hired seasoned technology professionals.

Sample Projects On Github

Cloud Manager CloudManager manages preDefined Images for a specific account in DigitalOcean Cloud. Refer My Github : https://github.com/esumit/CloudManager

DeviceMonitor  DeviceMonitor(A Full Stack Application) audits running applications in a device (e.g. ubuntu desktop, android device, mac machine) with the help of DeviceManager who manage devices Refer My Github : https://github.com/esumit/DeviceMonitoring

Solution Examples (Not Limited To) From Concept To Implementation 

-Research technologies to see a business/product/solution fit for specific use cases (e.g.  Research Secure Tunnels, AWS Lambda and API Gateway , Vulnerability Network Scanning  Technology for X Reason)

-End to End Full Stack Enterprise Web Applications with iPhone/Android Apps e.g.

  • Automation of research tasks for technology professionals e.g. researchers
  • Application to present the scalability of a core commercial product
  • Outsourcing computation on cloud through mobile apps via Secure Tunnels To Clouds
  • REST API Services for various business reasons
  • Comparisons between solutions and technologies
  • Architecting the Cloud(e.g. AWS and/Or DigitalOcean) for many business reasons
  • User Interfaces and Sequence Diagram from a raw concept to visible flow
  • Architecting solutions with various components picked from Cloud,Web,DB,Apps and Networks,Blockchain
  • Permission Blockchain based application for provenance, audit trail, legal binding contracts

*Such solutions would be researched or developed single handed or/and with direct reporting team

A Sample System Design Of Cloud Enabled Secure Light Weight iPhone/Android On Demand Video Streaming Apps And Its Server Side Cloud Infrastructure At AWS Abstract View 

A Sample System Design and Cost Estimation of Fully Deployed Travel Web Application At Amazon AWS Cloud performance scalability cloud cost resources Abstract View

Most of the Solutions Include (Not Limited to)

Microservices Programmed using Golang, various relevant GoLang packages , Postgres, Hyperledger Fabric

Programmed using AWS, DigitalOcean Cloud SDK to scale  Horizontally or Vertically  backend of front end applications based on various situations

SSL Enabled REST APIs Using : JAX-RS ( e.g. Apache CXF) , Java , Maven, Spring, Pom.XML, Connected to MySql, Oracle DB, MongoDB and then Deployed on Tomcat

SSL Enabled REST APIs Using AWS API Gateway connected to AWS Lambda Functions and that connected to relevant DBs

BackEnd Administration and Amazon AWS SDK to Program :  EC2, Simple Email Service, Route 53 (e.g. DNS Management, Hosted Zones,Domains), DynamoDB,IAM,S3,Lambda, API Gateway, VPC, Cognito, Security Groups, Elastic Load Balancers, RDS, CloudWatch

BackEnd Administration and DigitalOcean SDK to Program : Create Droplets, List Droplets, Information of Snapshots, DestroyDroplets, Create PreDefined Droplets’s Images

Android User and Rooted Applications, JNI for Native Code, Using custom REST APIs

Desktop and iPhone Applications

Enterprise Web Applications with HTML5,JavaScript, AngularJs and many JS Packages (e.g. Google Maps), Using custom REST APIs

DBs  etc MySQL, Oracle, MongoDB, DynmaoDB

Using Various Provided Tools e.g Intellij Editors, MySQLWorkBench,SqlDEvelopers, JsonParsers, JsonViweres ,Dockers,Postman, Android Studio

Developed Tools e.g. Password Generator, Files Creator, Customised DigitalOcean APIs, Parsers, Customized TestTools,

OS like Ubuntu’s Linux, Mac, Windows

Technical Posts

PART-1 : What is Metasploit Framework ?


How to calculate AWS S3’s (Simple Storage Service) Pricing?

What is Representational State Transfer or REST?



Github https://github.com/esumit
Stack Overflow http://stackoverflow.com/users/671170/sumit-arora
Quora http://www.quora.com/Sumit-Arora-3
LinkedIn http://www.linkedin.com/in/sumitarora