Full-Stack Blockchain/Solution Developer

  • Technologies: 
    • Version Control  – git
    • Frontend  -Javascript, React,AngularJs,HTML,CSS, 
    • Backend  – Microservices in GoLang, Java, Python 
    • Databases  – Oracle, MySQL,Postgres, MongoDB, DynamoDB
    • Blockchain  – Hyperledger Fabric, Oracle/IBM Blockchain Platform
    • DevOps  -Dockers, Kubernetes  
    • Clouds  – DigitalOcean, AWS(Amazon Web Services), Google Cloud

Full Stack Solutions 

For efficiency, transparency, traceability in the supply chain 

React, Microservices in GoLang, Hyperledger Fabric  (Oracle and IBM Blockchain Platform), Oracle DB, Postgres, MongoDB, Dockers, Kubernetes, AWS, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean 

For efficiency in the communication of clients and professional business service provider  

React, Microservices in GoLang,  Postgres,  Dockers, Kubernetes, AWS, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean 

Mobile Threat Defence solution for on-device protection for both known and unknown iOS/Android threats 

AngularJs, Microservices in Java, Monitoring Dashboard in Python Django, Postgres, Oracle, AWS

Cloud-based property management 

AngularJs, Microservices in Java, MongoDB

Worked  on 50+ Software Development Projects :

    • Large enterprises – Samsung(Seoul, South Korea), Microsoft(Redmond, USA), Freescale acquired by NXP Semiconductors (Shanghai, China), Aricent now Altran (India, China, Europe)
    • Startups – Zimperium (San Francisco, USA)

While developing and delivering the solution 

.Very Much flexible to work on extremely converge and diverse requirements, and Converting into JIRA Epics, Stories, and Tickets

.Extremely efficient to put relevant documentation in place e.g. requirement, high/low-level design, architecture, proposals, test plans, test cases, storytelling presentations, storytelling ideas, UI mockups, contracts, use cases, flow charts, UML sequence, HowTos, Blogs, Demo Videos, Tutorial Videos

.Able to navigate through uncertainties, capable of initiating, implementing and leading effective change management

.Demonstrated/s clarity of thinking to work through limited information and vague problem definitions

.Self-driven and have strong ownership in delivering results, Done work going out of the way or out of the box

.Able to work well with global teams, including time-zone flexibility

.Flexible  to work with multiple programming languages have a strong ability to pick up and use the language that suits a body of work


Cloud Manager CloudManager manages preDefined Images for a specific account in DigitalOcean Cloud.  : https://github.com/esumit/CloudManager

DeviceMonitor  DeviceMonitor(A Full Stack Application) audits running applications in a device (e.g. ubuntu desktop, Android device, mac machine) with the help of DeviceManager who manage devices: https://github.com/esumit/DeviceMonitoring

System Design

A Sample System Design Of Cloud Enabled Secure Light Weight iPhone/Android On Demand Video Streaming Apps And Its Server Side Cloud Infrastructure At AWS Abstract View 

A Sample System Design and Cost Estimation of Fully Deployed Travel Web Application At Amazon AWS Cloud performance scalability cloud cost resources Abstract View

Technical Posts

PART-1 : What is Metasploit Framework?


How to calculate AWS S3’s (Simple Storage Service) Pricing?

What is Representational State Transfer or REST?



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