Author: Sumit Arora

How to create go.mod file for a go project

How to create go.mod file for a go project ? Newyork:authentication-service esumit$ GO111MODULE=on go mod init go: creating new go.mod: module go: copying requirements from Gopkg.lock Newyork:authentication-service esumit$ It has created the following /Users/esumit/go/src/ file and following /Users/esumit/go/src/ file. go.mod module go 1.12 require ( v1.13.1 v1.32.0 v0.0.0-20160202185014-0b12d6b521d8 ) Gopkg.lock … Continue reading How to create go.mod file for a go project

Notes On Python Virtual Environment

Virtual Environment Wrapper : Newyork:~ esumit$ lsvirtualenv --help Invalid option: -- lsvirtualenv [-blh]   -b -- brief mode   -l -- long mode   -h -- this help message Newyork:~ esumit$ pyenv versions - no of versions installed in the system and star tells which one is on use Newyork:~ esumit$ pyenv versions   … Continue reading Notes On Python Virtual Environment