Author: Sumit Arora

golang packages and tools

PQ not maintained anymore : "" SQLC - SQL compilers Masterminds/Squirrel  Database/Sql  Jackc/pgx Linter is a tool that analyzes source code to flag programming errors, bugs, stylistic errors, and suspicious constructs. go install go vet -vettool=$(which shadow) There are more than 50 linters in Go programming language. However, only few are useful. Most common … Continue reading golang packages and tools

SQL Notes

Quick Notes on SQLs Relational Database -  Non-Relational Database -  SQL - Started by IBM  Retrieving Data from a Single Table Select , From , Where , Order By Select Distinct to create unique items We can use mathematical operators in select e.g. select points, points + 10 etc - this will retrieve point and then add 10 … Continue reading SQL Notes

SQL Indexes

Some of my notes on indexes : A Table have Columns, Keys, Indices,Foriegn Keys  Only index those columns that are required in WHERE and ORDER BY clauses. Indexing columns in abundance will result in some disadvantages. Use the NOT NULL attribute for those columns in which you consider the indexing, so that NULL values will … Continue reading SQL Indexes