Notes on Git

Notes on Git

I will continue to add some of the git cli- command , concepts and relevant references, which are relevant to my work.

How to create tag from the command line :
git tag -a 1.0.1 -m "First Release"
git push --tags
git tag 1.0.1
git push origin –tags

How to check the conflict of two branch, but not need to merge them?

Suppose you are on the master branch and you would like to test if the dev branch can be merged without conflict into the master.

# In the master branch
git merge dev --no-ff --no-commit

After that, you will be able to know if there’s a conflict or not.

To return in a normal situation, just abort the merge:

git merge --abort


After that create a branch from base,

Do cherry- pick the change on it

Fix the conflicts

and then create a new Pull request ,

It should work

List All Tags

root@BlockChainHLF:~/work/hlfgit/fabric-samples# git tag







Pull Request Tutorial

Git Command Line

Creating a branch, and then changing code on that branch , push to that branch and then create a pull request to later merge that branch to master

What is Squashing commits on Git

Squashing commits keyword hear to be confusing in the beginning, below reference provide very clear explanation

Squashing a commit means, from an idiomatic point of view, to move the changes introduced in said commit into its parent so that you end with one commit out of twos.
If you repeat this process multiple times, you can reduce n commit to a single one.

Delete an Existing Local Branch :

Switch to some other branch and delete Test_Branch, as follows:

$ git checkout master
$ git branch -d Test_Branch

How to apply 2FA to your new phone for GitHub

You can update your 2FA on your new phone by following the steps found here:

Clone the repository

git clone <repository_url>

Configure your Email and Name

eSumit@Sumits-MacBook-Pro:~$ git config –global –list

eSumit@Sumits-MacBook-Pro:~$ git config –global “Sumit Arora”

eSumit@Sumits-MacBook-Pro:~$ git config –global “”

Github Config
Github Config

diff between head and any commit

git diff commit_id HEAD

Clone a Specific Branch 

eSumit@Sumits-MacBook-Pro:~/Documents/March2018/zc$ git clone -b support-5.7 --single-branch
 Cloning into 'TestProject'...
 remote: Counting objects: 68783, done.
 remote: Compressing objects: 100% (249/249), done.
 remote: Total 68783 (delta 149), reused 304 (delta 120), pack-reused 68414
 Receiving objects: 100% (68783/68783), 94.63 MiB | 1.35 MiB/s, done.
 Resolving deltas: 100% (51197/51197), done.

eSumit@Sumits-MacBook-Pro:~/Documents/March2018/zc/TestProject$ git status

On branch support-5.7
 Your branch is up to date with 'origin/support-5.7'.

nothing to commit, working tree clean
How can I solve a conflict in a pull request?
$ git checkout master
[ OR git checkout -b resolve-conflicts-branch]
$ git pull origin release/2

<resolve merge conflicts and commit>

$ git push

Combined various commits into one 

git rebase -i HEAD~5

It will open a text file with pick and commit liners , changes all the pick to f and keep the first one or use r to change the comment as well

exit from file, then do the below to push to remote

git push origin ZMDS4275 –force

git log –oneline

Renaming an old branch

Old Branch Name : ENG-4754

New Branch Name : ENG-4839

Step-1 :

#move branch name

git branch -m ENG-4754 ENG-4839


#checkout new branch

git checkout ENG-4839


#push new branch to remote

git push origin ENG-4839


#delete old one 

git push origin –delete ENG-4754

Step-5 : Check the status and list of branches

git status

git branch -a

Refer :

Git diff In between two branches :

– git diff master branch-name

– git diff branch-1 branch-2

Merge master into a branch 

Checkout the branch
git merge master

Restore the Branch // Never Do this 

Since you’re doing a git checkout ., it looks like you are trying to restore your branch back to the last commit state.

You can achieve this with a git reset HEAD --hard

Warning: Doing this may remove all your latest modifications and unstage your modifications, e.g., you can lose work. It may be what you want, but check out the docs to make sure.


List all branches

git branch -a 

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