Frequently Asked Questions on Sumit Arora’s Profile

(Writing FAQ on Sumit Arora – In Progress)

How do you keep up with, or learn new technology? What are the specific resources you use? i.e. Stack Overflow, Pluralsight, Udemy etc

Learned by practical and experiment e.g. have all accounts in the digital ocean, aws , licensed tools from IntelliJ and several others, Pulled 500+ Github repos for various work and research related reasons.

See  my technical diary blow: https://esumit.blog

Resources: All time member of Pluralsight, Stackoverflow (Score ~1917, top 18%)

Via conferences:  BlackHat at Las Vegas Twice, Met with Linus Torvalds on Linux Foundations Twice, Hack In the Box Amsterdam, AWS Cloud Technology Seminars from Amazon and so on

Via the professional network, Owner of Linked Seoul Professional Network ( 700+ Members), Written 727+ answers on Quora

Unit Testing

Intellij IDEA Tools, PostMan Tools, UnitTests, TestNG, Own Customized tools to test the logical flow of REST APIs, Trello, zeplin.io, Unit Tests using Junit, TestNG


Do you have any experience with DevOps related tasks? i.e. Monitoring, Operations, Deployments, Releases, CI/CD pipelines, Cloud

Dockers , Intellij Team City, Scripting , VirtualBox, JenKins, AWS, Digital Ocean, Ansible


Portfolio OR Personal Website https://esumit.blog

GitHub/Bitbucket/GitLab https://www.github.com/esumit

Sample work or other relevant links showcasing your work

How to calculate AWS S3’s (Simple Storage Service) Pricing?


What is Representational State Transfer or REST?