Google SDK Notes

In this post, I’m sharing my notes from a recent experience installing and configuring the Google Cloud SDK for a development task.

  1. Begin by running the script in the google-cloud-sdk directory:
Newyork:google-cloud-sdk esumit$ ./
  1. Opt in to usage data collection to help improve the Google Cloud SDK:
Do you want to help improve the Google Cloud SDK (y/N)? y
  1. Review the list of available components, with the current version being 274.0.1.
  2. To install or remove components, run:
$ gcloud components install COMPONENT_ID
$ gcloud components remove COMPONENT_ID
  1. Update the SDK installation to the latest version by running:
$ gcloud components update
  1. Modify your profile to update your $PATH and enable shell command completion:
Do you want to continue (Y/n)? Y
  1. Update the appropriate rc file to bring the Google Cloud CLIs into your environment. Leave blank to use the default file:
Enter a path to an rc file to update, or leave blank to use [/Users/esumit/.bash_profile]:
  1. Start a new shell for the changes to take effect. For more information on getting started, visit the Google Cloud SDK Quickstarts.
  2. Authenticate with your Google Cloud account:
Newyork:google-cloud-sdk esumit$ gcloud auth login

If you encounter the “command not found” error, make sure that the Google Cloud SDK bin directory is in your $PATH.

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