Solved: Error connecting to the db: ORA-00000: DPI-1047 Golang macOS High Sierra Version 10.13.6

I have added my notes to solve an issue while running go lang microservice in MacOS connecting with Oracle DB.

While working with a microservice in golang (Platform macOS High Sierra Version 10.13.6), which interacts with OracleDB found below issue :

FATA[0012] Error connecting to the db: ORA-00000: DPI-1047: Cannot locate a 64-bit Oracle Client library: “dlopen(libclntsh.dylib, 1): image not found”. See for help

Then Followed Here:, and did following steps which solved the issue :

  1. Downloaded the 18.1 64-bit, Version (64-bit) |
  2. created dir /opt/oracle
  3. unzip at /opt/oracle
  4. link ~/lib to /opt/oracle

See below command line output :

London:oracle esumit$ sudo unzip

London:oracle esumit$ sudo mkdir ~/lib

London:oracle esumit$ sudo ln -s /opt/oracle/instantclient


London:oracle esumit$ sudo ln -s /opt/oracle/instantclient_18_1/libclntsh.dylib ~/lib/

London:oracle esumit$ pwd


London:oracle esumit$

Here is the screenshot :

Cannot locate libcintsh-dylib-sh library
Cannot locate libcintsh-dylib-sh library

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