Software Problem : Scanning Of File Uploads on AWS S3 Cloud for File related Malware

Software Problem : Scanning Of File Uploads on AWS S3 Cloud for File related Malware

Problem: As a developer, I will identify or research a solution to Scan every file uploaded by the user for File related Malware in the Cloud. Also, Implementation would like to check If the uploaded file is really the type of allowed file e.g. PDF file, Excel File and Malware Free

Description: User uploading a file ( e.g. doc file, pdf file or xls file or img file or move file ) to From a web-based File Uploader tool ( which actually upload the file to AWS-S3)

On the server-side, every file should be scanned before to upload to intended Bucket, So file possibly would be uploaded in a temp location, scan for malware or threats and if it’s threat-free then uploaded to the intended Bucket.

(On the second step where file supposed to get a scan, May you please suggest a developer approach on this, assume developer nothing know for now, and developing foundation from Google, etc,  or suggest a direction, above flow, is requirements )

Solution Thread :

My question is like how to do a scan to a file in the cloud! Means how other SAAS based solution do if do. It’s like if they have installed antivirus on the cloud machine.


It’s like, nothing to do on that, Get a file from the client, encrypt it on the server, upload the encrypted file on AWS-S3 Cloud

On Download the file on the server, decrypt it, send the decrypted file to Client


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