12 Questions Before Using Kubernetes and Dockers?

12 Questions Before Using Kubernetes and Dockers?

Why 12 Questions Before Using Kubernetes and Dockers?

Is that enough like I know and have seen that dockers are packing app nicely, and Kubernetes pulling the docker image, and rePacking in Pod and deploy? Why not Analyse answers of these 12 Questions Before Using Kubernetes and Dockers based on the parameters of the work I am involved in?

12 Questions Before Using Kubernetes and Dockers?
12 Questions Before Using Kubernetes and Dockers?

1. Can’t I write some scripts and manage the deployment in more control way based on the actual need of project?

2. Should I continue to rely on such fancy tools for a project based on the limited use of 7 Microservices with average level complexity, It’s really worth it?

3. Is my project getting 100,000 requests per seconds or Just 100 request per day Or 10 Requests Per Day as It’s just getting started?

4. Should I analyze project a bit more or just do fast, fast, fast by automatically assuming so much offering from tools?

5. Are these tools are such a buzzword? because first, you try, experiment, learn, and see cool, and then you feel like ahha a lot to do, and then you say ohh why not rent it from Google Cloud or AWS Cloud? is that renting cost work for you?

6. If rented and  then something goes wrong then deal with Support Guys, Who will ask ton of questions to understand your small problems and at the end you may end up to solve your problem by yourself or feel like Ignore it let me create a new server and redeploy or go to some other alternatives rather dealing with the support mess?

7. Is this Kubernetes really solving my project problems or giving me additional tools to manage and cost to deal with?

8. Do I really understand the meaning of like focus on business application or only on business code, rest let everything else to manage?

9. What I will do If I say K8s or Kubernetes and Dockers doesn’t exist?

10. Is the current or next version of project lack of tools or It’s with a lot of complexities at a different level? you may need to solve complexity in advance from tools or based on real project needs?

11. If I am putting so many resources to develop a visionary project? Can I put a small effort to write a small docker style container or K8s like stuff or something different which more fits to the work I am involved in?

12. Am I convinced that I will not reInvent the wheel because all 11 questions require to reinventing the wheel, and for me above questions looks like to reinvent the wheel?

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