Blockchain Crypto Service Provider alias BCCSP in Hyperledger Fabric

Blockchain Crypto Service Provider

Elli Androulaki, Angelo De Caro, Volodymyr (V.) Paprotski, Alessandro Sorniotti, Tamas Visegrady

What is the BCCSP?

BCCSP is the Blockchain Cryptographic Service Provider that offers the implementation of cryptographic standards and algorithms.


type BCCSP interface {
GenKey(opts GenKeyOpts) (k Key, err error)

DeriveKey(k Key, opts DeriveKeyOpts) (dk Key, err error)
GetKey(ski []byte) (k Key, err error)
ImportKey(raw []byte, opts ImportKeyOpts) (k Key, err error)
Sign(k Key, digest []byte, opts SignerOpts) (signature []byte, err error) Verify(k Key, signature, digest []byte) (valid bool, err error)

Encrypt(k Key, plaintext []byte, opts EncrypterOpts) (ciphertext []byte, err error) Decrypt(k Key, ciphertext []byte, opts DecrypterOpts) (plaintext []byte, err error)


About BCCSP can be downloaded from here :

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