Beginners Notes on ReactJs

Beginners Notes on ReactJs

Quick notes while first time experimenting with reactJs
Important things with reactJs, It like embedding HTML into Javascript than embedding javascript into HTML.
Most of the reactjs code I saw using JSX (Javascript XML and TSX- Typescript XML) – It actually got compiled via babel to produce the reacts based javascript code, TSX (typescript) usually a superset of everything so it can use JSX as well. TSX helps to write coding object-oriented way e.g. using interfaces, autocompletes on editors.
Create-react-app is one of the quickest way to create react-app Skelton and start doing coding for the intended business logic.
In general overall UI code organized in following folders (mentioning few ones) :
Src – Contains all source code
Static – all static files e.g. images
Test – testing related stuff
Webpack – Webpack related stuff
— Docker Packaging, Manifest,Index.html == server.jsx,manifest.json, package.json, docker-compose, dockerfile,index.html
— Ignores files like .gitignore, dockerignore
Src/ Folder usually have code organized
like this way :
api — REST APIs call are in this folder
Components – Components of this UI Project
I18n- ..
Route – ..
Also quickly browsed code repos on Github

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