How to use specific version of node

How to use a specific version of node and How to install a sepcific version of node

nvm install v9.10.0

How to use specific version of node

London:DemoReactApps esumit$ node –version


London:DemoReactApps esumit$ sudo n stable

London:DemoReactApps esumit$ nvm list

->      v6.10.2




default -> 6.10.2 (-> v6.10.2)

node -> stable (-> v8.9.0) (default)

stable -> 8.9 (-> v8.9.0) (default)

iojs -> N/A (default)

lts/* -> lts/carbon (-> N/A)

lts/argon -> v4.9.1 (-> N/A)

lts/boron -> v6.14.1 (-> N/A)

lts/carbon -> v8.11.1 (-> N/A)

London:DemoReactApps esumit$ nvm use v8.9.0

Now using node v8.9.0 (npm v5.5.1)

London:DemoReactApps esumit$ node –version


Or To use

London:~ esumit$ nvm alias default v6.0.0

default -> v6.0.0

London:~ esumit$

To Install grunt-cli globally 

sudo npm install -g grunt-cli

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