Notes On Hyperledger Fabric ChainCode

Concepts , References , Self defined definitions etc as a developer perspective on Hyperledger Fabric ChainCode

What does shim in fabric chaincode stand for?

This collection contains developers demonstrating various v1 features and components such as: ledger, channels, gossip, SDK, chaincode, MSP, and more…


Valuable Git Repos 

A repository to help experience developers with no Go or chaincode development experience to write and debug chaincodes.

Blockchain Application on hyperledger fabric for provenance in pharmaceutical supply chain

Details of Medichain


SmartContract POC

Golang & Postgres backend, gRPC based microservice networking, Vuejs UI running on Kubernetes

Click to access All_Things_Open_v10262016.pdf

Speed , Speed , too
[This code pattern demonstrates to create, deploy and test a blockchain network using hyperledger fabric sdk java.]

Simple Smart Contrat in Java for Hyperledger Fabric V0.6


With Clean Diagram




Searched like 47 Pages of Github for above repos


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